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Guest Posting Tips

For those who have never played the guitar before, a knowledge and truly insightful guest post can provide all of the information that they need for making a solid start. For those with more experience, in-depth content can help them overcome solid hurdles and keep their learning securely on track. The following tips for writing a good guest post will allow you to craft works that inspire, encourage, and teach both new and more seasoned players how to use online resources to become increasingly masterful musicians.

1. Identify Your Target Audience

While you may want to provide information that’s beneficial to everyone, the key to ensuring the overall value of your posts is by focusing it to target the interests, needs, and pain points of a select group of individuals. The danger in writing for a very broad, general audience is writing broad, general content that can be easily obtained from any other platform. Before starting, spend some time reading the posts that have been published before and learn more about the types of needs that our site, programs, products, and resources are meant to address.

2. Explain Any Jargon That You Use

Never assume that your readers are as knowledgeable about guitars and guitar playing as you are. This remains true even if you’re writing for more advanced players. Always include brief explanations when using niche-specific terminology or link back to content that’s already onsite.

3. Point Out Resources That Address Real Pain Points

There’s a big trend in simply listing the benefits of resources and products, without taking the time to talk about the pain points that they’re meant to resolve. Tell people which problems different forms of instruction can help them overcome. Point out common challenges and then guide people to the best solutions for fixing them.

4. Use Your Personal Experiences To Establish A Connection

Speak candidly about your own early playing experiences. It helps new and advancing players to learn that they aren’t alone in any struggles that they’re facing. This is also a good time to share insights that set you apart as an guitar playing expert, and to prove your worth as an informational source.

5. Encourage People To Engage In the Comment Section

Getting people to engage with you in the comment section is a great way to increase the success of your pieces. Your goal as a guest writer is generally two-fold: to incite more interest in the platform that you’re writing for and to build new and more meaningful relationships for your own business endeavors. Engaging with people in the comment section is a great way to achieve both of these objectives.

6. Offer A Feasible Timeline For Achieving Measurable Targets

No matter what stage of learning they’re in, guitar players are usually interested in making noticeable progress. Moreover, as with any other growth-producing endeavor, people want to know how long it will take for them to reach specific goals. To garner more attention from the available audience, help people in setting measurable and achievable goals, and then give them a timeline for reaching them. Talk about the amount of practice that it will likely take to master specific skills. Encouraging people to move at a manageable pace eliminates frustration and builds trust in info sources.