Riptide Guitar Chords


Riptide Grace Guitar Chords – this tutorial teaches you how to play riptide on the guitar. Perfect guitar lesson for beginners.

Riptide song took a new wave when it hit the radio in the United States of America. The song can be heard on the buses, pubs, cafes, dinners, schools during talent shows. You can say that the song is a massive hit among the younger generation. Every child has heard this song being played or sang in their school.

All the children want to perform this song in their talent shows since it’s easy to learn the chords and the song has a beautiful tune to it. Most of the YouTubers have done a cover of this song and riptide doesn’t seem to get old. Even Taylor Swift has done a fantastic cover of this beautiful song and who can forget the princess of ukulele Grace Vanderwal’s cover of this song.

The riptide guitar chords are easy to learn, and it’s beginner friendly. Most of the people have admitted to learning how to play a guitar or ukulele by practicing this song. The lyrics to this song are catchy, and you can’t help but want to learn the guitar or ukulele to enjoy the song more.

1. The riptide song chords

Learning how to play the guitar requires you to be patient in determining the chords. Always remember that nothing happens or occurs easily you have to put in the needed effort. After you have attended a few guitar classes, you know what chords are and how to connect them to make a tune. The riptide song chords are four which makes it easier for anybody to learn the song.

For this reason most of the guitar player beginners practice using this song. The four chords used to play this song are G Major, C Major, A Minor and the F Major. When playing the guitar, you also need to learn the strumming pattern to get the perfect rhythm of the song. The song strumming is a down-down-up-down-up. This simple step makes the song interesting and simple to play.

Part two: History of the song

The song is mostly associated with children and guitar player beginners. However, the song has a pretty dark story even though it is mainly played and sang by children. The song talks about passion and love that turns to an obsession leading to murder. The song official video makes the song even more interesting and fun to listen to. The riptide song was written by an Australian singer-songwriter called James Keogh and went by the alias name Vance Joy.

1. His career

Vance Joy did not expect the song to blow up like it did as he was a struggling musician at the time. He chose the names Vance Joy around 2012 when he was planning on expanding his career. The name was a character in a book he had previously read called the Bliss by Peter Carey.

He used to play in cafes around his area on Sunday afternoon to entertain people. He started writing the riptide song in 2008 and got stuck on finding the right words of the song. He tried writing the song one afternoon and only got the inspiration after they went out to get dinner. He sat down picked his ukulele and started strumming away this beautiful melody.

When he got the right melody, he wrote the song in a couple of days, and the song turned out great. When he wrote the song he didn’t think of it in a deep sense he was fixing lines and trying to make them rhyme. He wrote the song based on his childhood of how he was scared of the dentists in the dark and how he always got nervous talking to pretty girls.

The word riptide came from a motel he was staying at when he was younger, and it could also mean the ocean. He wrote the words of the song without overthinking the meaning, and this is what made the song interesting. He refers to one of the movies he’s watched about a cowboy moving to New York City called the midnight cowboy. Additionally, he refers to the mystery lady as Michel Pfeiffer who was his definition of perfection.

2. Meaning of the song

Apart from the song has a deep twisted love story meaning. People have associated it with other meaning of deep love to a girl who is beyond perfect but is involved in bad company. The song starts by talking about how the lady is beyond this guy’s league. But he still wants to win her heart and get married to her because in his eyes she is perfect. He says that all his friends are turning green which shows that they are envious of their relationship when they see him with her.

But as life would have it, everything has to change and sadly so does she. When he refers to the riptide, this is the literal meaning of how a riptide can pull you back and offers you two options to swim or sink. The, in this case, is life and the struggle of experience can provide you with two options to give up on growth or change and adjust to the new life.

When he says that she is “taken away to the dark side” it shows that she is becoming someone he doesn’t recognize, but still, she wants her. He is asking her to show and that she still loves him as much as he does.


The riptide song is one of the most iconic songs and the simplest for a beginner guitar lesson. The riptide song chords are only four with an easy to remember strumming beat.


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