Jamplay vs Guitar Tricks 2019

As you are probably already aware, Guitar Tricks and JamPlay are two of the biggest online guitar learning websites in the world. While there are other programs and apps such as Yousician, they don’t come close to these two online guitar lesson providers. So if you’ve narrowed down your choices to these two, then you are definitely on the right track. However, there are a few subtle differences between Guitar Tricks and JamPlay that you should know about before making a final decision.

Jamplay vs Guitar Tricks

Benefits for Beginners

If you’re new to this, then getting the proper instruction is absolutely vital. While there are many differences or benefits of online lessons, the main distinction between these two sites and other programs, is that they offer plenty of options to choose from. The video lessons on GuitarTricks are short and on point, so watching each video again is definitely something you would want to do. The step-by-step lessons are also extremely easy to use.

On the other hand, JamPlay’s beginner lessons are separated by teachers and guitar types. Therefore each instructor has their own set of lessons for beginners. So you have a choice between 20 different courses. Each course may vary in length, depending on the type of material the teacher created. While lots of people are fans of the type of lessons offered by JamPlay, others feel that the lessons on GuitarTricks may be easier to follow for beginners.

Although both sites are filled with videos for beginners, these sites are not just for beginners. So while the beginner sections are fantastic, the lessons get better as you go more in depth. When it comes to how the video course changes on on each site, with GuitarTricks it continues on the straight path and with JamPlay you get a bunch of options to choose from. So ultimately it depends on your personal preference and how you like things to be structured. GuitarTricks tends to lead you through a blues, country or jazz course where you progress to that type of guitar style. Therefore the videos are more step-by-step. However JamPlay presents a lot of different choices just like they did in the beginner courses. Yet even more courses are offered when it comes to genres of the guitar as compared to guitar tricks. Would JamPlay when you choose a genre, you also have the option of choosing an instructor that teaches their own material.

How are the Lessons Presented?

One of the factors that distinguish GuitarTricks and JamPlay from the rest of the other learning tools available online is the fact that all of the lessons are presented in video format. Videos are offered in a dashboard-style with a few different features available on the right hand side of the video. While the videos with GuitarTricks are more basic and simple to use, JamPlay offers more camera angles. So it allows you to zoom in and out at certain spots within any given lesson.

Song Library

Guitar Tricks offers more songs and they offer more lessons from popular songs however JamPlay offers more songs to go through.

Trials and Pricing

The reality of the situation is that both these programs are very good. While GuitarTricks is great for beginners and those who like to keep the structure of the courses simple and easy to follow, JamPlay is a bit more useful for intermediate guitar players. However they both offer free time. So you can test them both out to see which one you personally prefer.

GuitarTricks Pros:

-The lessons on guitarTricks are short and straight to the point. This is important because ultimately if you’re saving five minutes in each lesson and you are watching about 20 lessons, you ultimately save 100 minutes in video watching time. That gives you more time to practice or actually do other things you didn’t have the time to do.
-The “artist style” lessons are suitable for intermediate/advanced players and allow you to gain further knowledge about the given artist, techniques and characteristics style as opposed to just learning a song.
-There are also millions of songs to learn in detail
-One of the best things about GuitarTricks is that you get to take lessons from different teachers and ultimately, once you’ve watched a few different teachers you instinctively know which ones you like the best. So you can narrow down your list and choose lessons from selected teachers that you prefer watching either because you believe they offer you the best training techniques or they’re more entertaining than others.

GuitarTricks Cons:

-As with every product or service, there are things that you would change if you could. One of the things that guitar chicks does not do is that they do not offer a large enough selection of genre-based courses and this is where JamPlay tops them.
-You need to be online in order to use the Jam station since it is not downloadable and in cases where you don’t have access to Internet connectivity, it makes this feature useless. So they definitely should consider creating a downloadable version.
-The quality of some of the older lessons are also subpar making them redundant. So they should either choose to remove them from the program or re-shoot them.

JamPlay Pros:

-JamPlay prides itself in the quality of their video lessons. This means that the way the lessons look and feel tells you that a lot of time, effort and technology has gone into creating them.
-The user control panel is also more interactive and user-friendly.
-Although this feature may not be for everyone, JamPlay members are allowed to contact each other and therefore probably form a little community. While this feature may not be for those who are antisocial, social media addicts with definitely enjoy it.
-Some of the teachers at JamPlay are solo artists and there’s some that were even a part of truly big bands. So while these fancy artists may not make the best teachers, it is really interesting to watch them teaching their own songs and techniques. So advanced guitarists will definitely enjoy this feature.

JamPlay Cons:

-While some people enjoy the camera angle shooting others believe that they went overboard. This is because in some videos so many angles of hands are shown in the screen that it does get a little bit confusing.
-Not everyone enjoys live WebCam lessons. While some of the newer WebCam lessons are more entertaining and professional, the older lessons tend to be silly and not very useful.
-Perhaps one of the things that they should consider doing is re-shooting old videos. This is simply because there is such a big gap between the quality of the older lessons that were shot years ago and the ones that were done recently.

When it comes to making contact with the teachers, there is a comments section which allows you to post your comments and the teachers usually reply back.

JamPlay does also offer a 30-day refund policy. So you basically have a month to test out the service and see if it suits your needs. However if you choose to get a refund within this time, all you need to do is email them and they’ll send your payment back without asking any questions.

If you know exactly where to look for them, JamPlay does offer discount codes which will help you save a few bucks off your membership classes.

Final Verdict – Jamplay vs Guitar Tricks

So when it comes to deciding which site to go with, JamPlay would be my recommendation. This is because the website provides these online guitar tutorials at a very reasonable price of just $11 per month. For the quality of videos and lessons that you are getting, that really is a great price considering you would pay approximately $55 an hour with a personal instructor.

However, JamPlay is better than a personal instructor. While you have access to a library of up to thousands of video guitar lessons addressing all types of music, you also have the privilege of liaising with the teachers via the comments section as well.

They also offer a three-level learning process which includes a fundamental basic course for novices, style classes and learning specific songs.

Aside from these benefits they also have advanced lessons that are taught by establish musicians, live WebCam lessons where you can interact with any given teacher as well as the “in the style of” lessons we can learn more about a particular artist’s unique style.

Another bonus is that there are a number of guitar teachers offering lessons in almost every single style which means that you can pick choose and refuse videos to your heart’s content.

So when it comes to choosing which site is better for online guitar lessons, it’s safe to say that JamPlay is the clear winner. So go ahead and sign up for their free trial and enjoy hours of educational and entertaining video lessons. You will never know what you are missing unless you try it out.