Jamplay Review 2020

At one point in time, just about everyone out there has tried to learn how to play the guitar. It is one of the most popular musical instruments in the world, and it isn’t considered an impossible task to become somewhat good at it. There is no denying that it takes time and effort, but the right teachers and the right lessons can go a long way. The question is, where to start?

Online education in any field has really taken off the last few years. Learning a musical instrument, specifically the guitar, is no different. In fact, many are turning to this method thanks to flexible hours, lower cost and faster results (hopefully). Looking for the best online guitar lessons? This Jamplay review might just be the place to start.

Jamplay Review


Since launch, Jamplay has been a force when it comes to online guitar lessons. In fact, they are the best overall choice in the business right now, with all the others catching up. The first thing anyone will notice is just the quality put into the entire production. They definitely do not cut corners, making everything well worth the price.

The course in general is really set up by skill level. In total, about 70 different guitarists work with people who sign up for Jamplay throughout all the phases of training. Most people who sign up start from the beginning and go from there, but those with experience might be able to skip around a bit until they find the best starting spot.

Phase 1 is designed with the beginners in mind. Jamplay does a great job of welcoming everyone into learning how to play guitar online. There is no type of judgement, as there are videos on how to hold a pick, how to play the most basic chords and more.

Most people will end up not spending that much time in Phase 1, but Phase 2 is where things really start to take off. This is the beginning stage of some real learning of skills and picking specific genres to play music in. Jamplay is big on letting their clients pick exactly what type of music they want to play, because it is a big motivator. If someone hates a song they are learning to play in a lesson, what motivation will they have to continue learning?

Everything from classical to new rock tunes are covered in Phase 2. Videos are broken up into various sections to make it a very easy part to tackle. It also sets the stage for the ultimate Phase 3 of guitar lessons with Jamplay.

Phase 3 is focused almost entirely on learning how to play full length songs. This is broken up at first, allowing people to learn intros, the chorus, solos, bridges and more. In the end, a full song is how a lot of people judge themselves on whether or not they can actually play guitar.

Not only are videos once again provided in Phase 3 for every single song, but the tabs come in handy as well. Learning how to read music is important to a lot of people, and providing multiple ways to learn is essential for all clients.

What Are The Best Jamplay Features?


It is becoming a crowded market with online guitar courses, so Jamplay tries to separate themselves from the rest of the pack in a number of ways. The first thing that really stands out is, most competitors come nowhere close to having 70 or more professional teachers working for them. These professionals are true professions in every way. Those who follow the guitar community will recognize names like Trace Bundy and Glen Drover, just two of the professionals featured.

If these teachers were in person, individual lessons could run well over $50 per hour. That is why having access to so many different types of teachers is really a great value overall. It’s like going to school specifically for guitar, having access to a number of professors like you would at a university.

Tailored Lessons

Earlier, it was briefly mentioned that the song choices are virtually limitless, allowing people to pretty much pick their own path when it comes to learning. If all a person listed to is country music, it doesn’t make much sense to try to learn guitar by playing jazz songs. Each person can basically pick and choose the exact adventure they want to go on when learning music. Not only can a genre be picked, but specific skills can be picked as well to really focus.

Within each genre are a number of teachers, so even tailoring lessons to prefer or avoid certain teachers can be done. The teaching methods some use might not always be for everyone, but with so many choices, it’s easy to move on.

Focused Lessons On Hard Techniques

There are a lot of bumps in the road when learning guitar, and it can be easy to get stuck. Beyond just the lessons and different phases, Jamplay will have smaller lessons on the side that really focus on things such as power chords, picking techniques, recording original music and more. They realize that once a person progresses, they will begin to think outside the box and want to do more. This is a good way to do that.

Questions are always encouraged from students, and professionals are willing to help as much as possible. At times, responses are sometimes slow, but that is only because each professional might specialize in one or two things in particular. It might take them a while to get back with an answer.

Live Lessons

Some competitors offer variations of the first two features mentioned, but live lessons are not really something others can brag about too much. A person can sign up for live lessons through the program at no additional cost, every single day. That alone is worth the price of the membership when everything is examined. It would cost much, much more to do this every day locally.

In total, the live instruction is over 12 hours per day. That means that even if you learn how to play guitar late at night or early in the morning, there is usually no problem still being able to utilize this amazing feature. It actually sometimes works out better to interact with the teachers during non-peak hours, because they can give more individualized instruction throughout the entire lesson.

Community Forum

When learning a new skill, it helps to be able to share information with others who are going through the same thing. Everyone is hoping to walk away as decent guitar players, so what better way to get answers, tips and more than an active community forum?

The customers make the community forum what it is. The feature has taken off with minimal effort from Jamplay, but they should be applauded for offering the service. No one ever really masters guitar, especially when picking it up later in life. So even if a person has already gone through all the phases and is playing at a high level, there are always people online to help continually push and push.

Jamplay Cons

There are only two real cons to Jamplay, but overall, there is a reason they have received positive reviews pretty much since launch. The first con is price, since it is more expensive than the majority of competitors. The resources and features justify the cost in a lot of ways though. Comparing the cost of a Jamplay membership to local lessons makes it one of the best deals out there.

The other con is the fact that video lessons can only be accessed online with an internet connection. It would be nice to have other options to display the videos, but most people now have no problem having internet access. Since most guitarists end up practicing at home, it is nothing more than a very mild hindrance.

Breaking Down The Cost Of Jamplay

Jamplay offers membership plans on a monthly, quarterly and yearly basis. Monthly members are $19.95, three months costs $49.95 and yearly costs $139.95. Most first-timers end up purchasing the quarterly plan first, because three months is ample time to see if the motivation is there to continue. A single month is simply too little time to really see a ton of progress.

Periodically, Jamplay also runs sales from time to time by offering coupon codes. Check back with us, or visit their website, for discounts when they become available. New users can also check out free sample lessons on their website before getting started.

If a person is not satisfied with Jamplay after one week, they can ask for a full refund. There are no questions asked, but people must act within the seven day period in order to be eligible.

Learning Guitar Online vs. Hiring A Local Tutor

Learning guitar online is becoming more and more the norm. There are just so many advantages to going this route. A person with a busy work schedule has no excuse to not get practice in if they can do a lesson 24 hours a day. Paying for a set of online lessons is almost always cheaper, so that helps too.

With a local tutor, there is also a chance that they just don’t move at a solid pace. A person does not want to waste a lot of time learning new things they already know. Instead, having the ability to jump around and learn at the right pace is the way to go.

Final Thoughts

Jamplay seems like the best general option for the majority of people, but no teaching method is perfect. That is why it is important to figure out what methods work best for each individual. If something isn’t clicking or motivating right away, it might be time to look for another method.

For the vast majority of people, they will get motivation out of Jamplay to really pursue learning the guitar. No program has the ability to magically make a person learn how to play guitar, but motivation plays a major factor in learning. All the tools are there for people to succeed, and for the cost of less than a handful of in-person guitar lessons, a person can sign up for a year of membership.

Overall, these are the best online guitar lessons out there right now. It can be a very difficult thing to find just the right fit, so going to an individual for lessons might work out, and it might not. By having such a large team of professionals who are eager to teach and interact with members, it is hard to really find a better alternative. The hundreds of hours of video instruction and live lessons alone are more than worth the price of the service.