Guitar Tricks Review 2020

Whether you are a beginner or an advanced guitar player, Guitar Tricks offers you all you need based on your needs. This is an online guitar learning site that provides guitarists with all the resources they need at an affordable rate. This Guitar Tricks review is guaranteed to tell you all you need to know about the site.

Guitar Tricks

Program Features

• Free trials that last 14 days, offering you the opportunity to figure out what suits your needs before you subscribe.
• Permanent promotion codes and coupons that enable you to save money.
• Monthly as well as annual payment options that offer you flexibility. Annual payments enable you to save money.
• A forum that ensures you are part of a community. This is a platform where you can interact with fellow guitarists and learn from each other.
• An Andriod and iOS compatible app that loads with the same quality as the website.
• Tools and blogs that keep you informed and entertained. The program have a helpful toolbox with a jam station, a fretboard tuner, a scale finder and many more useful tools.
• Songs to use for practice and lessons that teach different styles of music including rock, acoustic and electric guitar lessons.


i. Flexibility and convenience
The program offer internet guitar lessons that enable you to tune your guitar and many other essentials about playing the guitar. With such a platform, you get to learn how to play without having to leave your house. The flexibility and convenience that Guitar Tricks offers ensure you can play when to take lessons without messing up your schedule. Apart from beginner lessons that teach amateur guitar players, there are also lessons to help professional players polish their skills. You get to learn about guitar chord theory and guitar music theory without having a face to face instructor.

ii. Interact with fellow guitar players and learn new tricks
As a self-taught guitarist, this Guitar Tricks review will help you realize the value you get by subscribing to Guitar Tricks packages. You get a platform where you can interact with fellow guitar players and learn new tricks from each other. You will realize that among the many online guitar learning sites, the program goes above and beyond to ensure you get value for your money.

iii. You get Professional instructors
It will easily become your favourite site as it anticipates user challenges with the lessons it offers. Every minute you spend learning a new technique on Guitar Tricks will be time well spent as the instructors are professionals who are well conversant with everything there is to know about guitars. Spending time and putting in the effort to improve your passion requires a resourceful aid that does not disappoint.

iv. Best lesson format
Guitar Tricks has the best lesson formats, and the instructions are easy to follow. Even as an advanced guitar player, you’ll realize that there is a lot to learn from this online platform. This is a beginner friendly site that has instructors who’ll take you through each lesson without patronizing you for lack of experience. As a beginner guitarist, you need someone who’ll hold your hand every step of the way. The free trial is an opportunity to check out what the program has to offer before you sign in. Nothing is left out during the trial period and what you see is what you get when you sign up.

v. You Get Value for your money
An online learning site that teaches all the fundamentals that come with learning how to play the guitar gives you value for your money. There are crystal clear instructions that ensure you have an easy time going through each lesson. Information is broken down so that you don’t feel overwhelmed even by hard to understand concepts. Beginners will have an easy time picking up the pace and proceeding to the advanced level. The loop function allows users to revisit a lesson by continuously playing a whole video or a portion of it until you are satisfied with your mastery of the concept. This comes in handy when you are learning a difficult technique or correcting a poor playing habit.

vi. Flexibility in payment as well as usability
Guitar Tricks guarantees flexibility in payment as well as usability. You can choose to make monthly or annual payments depending on what you prefer. Also, since this is an online platform, you can decide when to have your lesson without being confined to a fixed program. The excellent customer support team ensures you get a comprehensive rundown of whatever questions you might have. The clear and concise tutorials, as well as the high-quality videos, ensures you don’t get anything wrong.


There are two ways to pay for your subscription to Guitar Trick. You can decide to make monthly or annual payments for your membership. For monthly subscriptions, the membership goes for $19.99 per month and for annual subscriptions, you’ll need to pay $179.9. Making annual payments enable you to save $60. The extensive courses guarantee progress and provision of actual practice. There is a Full Access Plus package that goes for $39/mo that allows you full access to songs for practice. In the case of Full Access Pro, the prices are varied, find out which package suits you during the free-trial period.

Types of Lessons Offered

1. Beginner Lessons
The structuring of beginner lessons enables amateur guitar players to have an easy time navigating the lessons. Beginners are introduced to basic concepts before they can begin learning how to play. The core lesson system covers every detail to ensure a learner only moves to the next level when they are ready. As a beginner, you get to play simple cords and learn how to tune an instrument.

In case you are well conversant with basic guitar concepts, you can choose to skip the introductory lessons and begin playing instantly. The instructors are professionals who’ll go at your pace to ensure you grasp every concept. Experienced teachers will guide your hand without making you feel patronized or overwhelmed by information. This is a seamless learning process that offers you a personalized learning experience.

There is enough material to ensure every technique you learn is polished before you move to the next level. This might even be much better than a face to face learning session as you can replay a video until you are satisfied with your mastery. You will learn how to use power chords, different scales as well as barre chords. Guitar Tricks introduces beginners to reading music so that you master the theory as well as the practical part of playing the instrument.

2. Advanced Lessons

As an experienced player, you’ll be surprised at the immensity of material available on Guitar Tricks. Even as an advanced guitarist, you need to polish your skills and correct poor playing habits. The lessons give advanced players a foundation for different styles of music.
When you move to the advanced level from the beginner level, you get introduced to a new instructor who’ll be more rigorous than the one who walked you through the beginner level. There are well-outlined lead playing techniques that help you to find the correct rhythm and tone.
The program has a large database of songs that give you the opportunity to practice your new techniques. A guitar scale is used to categorize difficulties so that you know how challenging a song is when you choose to practice with it.

Pros and Cons

Just like every other online guitar learning site, Guitar Tricks also has its pros and cons. It is best that you find out the good side and the bad side so that you can determine if it is a worthy investment. Weighing the good against the bad gives you a clear idea o what you are getting when you sign up.


• Suitable for Beginners and Advanced Players Alike
The program is suitable for beginners, as well as, advanced players thanks to its extensive lessons database. The site is dedicated to teaching you everything you need to know about playing the guitar.

• Professional Instructors
The outstanding guitar instructors ensure you learn to play the instruments without feeling patronized. This is a fast, effective and easy way of learning all there is to know about the guitar. The instructors use different approaches to ensure you enjoy a personalized learning experience.

• Resourceful
Guitar Tricks enables you to tap into your potential. All the resources at your disposal ensure you play beyond your potential. This site takes the mystery out of playing guitar music by providing you with an extensive songs database.

• Flexibility
As a user, you wont be restricted to one instructor as you can choose which instructor to work with. The lessons are structured to anticipate your challenges as a player to ensure you learn a new skill each time.

• Community
The program offers you a user forum where you can learn from fellow guitarists by posting your questions and having it answered. Being part of such a forum gives you a sense of belonging and the motivation to improve your skills.

• Free Basic Membership
Guitar Tricks has a free basic membership that allows you to learn about guitars without breaking the bank. You can also pay for membership and enjoy all the benefits that come to have full access to the lessons and songs. The page does not feature advertisements, allowing you to go through your lessons uninterrupted.


• No Webcam Instruction
Unlike most online guitar learning sites, Guitar Tricks does not offer webcam instructions, but the immense resourcefulness you enjoy balances out this shortcoming.

• No Live Chatting
The consumer market is becoming sophisticated, and live chat has become a necessity for every website. The program, however, compensates for this by ensuring your emails are replied to instantly.

• All Internet Based
So many might be cut off by the fact that the program does not offer their lessons in CD or DVD. However, accessing the internet has become easy, and all you need is a strong internet connection to access the lessons online.

Lesson Format

The lessons are presented in a table display with a video alongside every video, for clear illustrations. The home page has a lessons info section that features songs and lessons broken down for better understanding. There is also a progress bar which shows you have for you’ve come and how much further you can go.
Each lesson has different durations because they cover unique concepts. You get to choose lessons randomly if you are an advanced guitar player who’s only interested in polishing their skills. The lessons are lined up in a series of individual segments so that you have an easy tie selecting the one you want. You don’t have to watch introductory video lessons if you don’t want to.

Free Trial and Promo Codes

Guitar Tricks has a permanent promotional code that allows you to save 20% as a first time subscriber. This offer is applicable whether you choose the monthly or annual payment option. The 14-day trial offers a risk-free opportunity for users to see what they are getting by signing up to the program. Nothing is held back during the trial period, so what you see is what you get.


Guitar Tricks is a high-quality website that gives you an easy time learning all there is to know about playing a guitar. The professional instructors will go at your pace and ensure you don’t move to the next level before fully grasping a concept.